Pool Rules

Pool Rules 2017 Pool Season
The pool is typically open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. During the rare years that we actually have good weather, the pool season may be extended.


Open: 9:00 am Every Day
Close: 9:00 pm Every Day

Our pool is a member owned and operated facility that exists for our collective use and enjoyment. In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for the neighborhood as a whole, each member has a responsibility to adhere to and assist with the enforcement of our neighborhood’s pool rules. Please take a moment to read over and discuss them with each member of your family

The pool facilities are for the use of Valhalla Residence Association members who are currently in good standing as defined by the Bylaws that govern this neighborhood. The Pool Manager distributes pool keys and a waiver of liability must be signed prior to a key being assigned to a member household.


A. Members must accompany and remain with their guests at all times while in the pool area.

B. Member households are limited to a maximum of 5 quests per visit. For larger gatherings and private parties, the pool may be reserved.

C. Members are responsible for making sure that all guests are aware of and in compliance with the pool rules.

D. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to bring guests into the pool without being accompanied by their parent(s).


A. Member Children 11 years of age or younger must be accompanied by their parent(s) or a sibling or babysitter over the age of 18.

B. Siblings/babysitters are not allowed to watch non-member children. These guests must be accompanied by the member child’s parent(s).

C. Siblings/babysitters must be 18 years of age or older in order to care for or supervise their siblings and/or member children using the pool facilities without the children’s parent(s) present.

D. Siblings/babysitters are only allowed to care for/supervise a maximum of three siblings or member children at a time.

E. Parents are cautioned to hire only reliable, competent babysitters. Babysitters must be knowledgeable of our pool rules and their parent(s) must sign a release waiver prior to babysitting. The waiver can be obtained from the Pool Manager.

F. Members are responsible for the behavior of and any damage caused by their family members and guests.

G. Swimmers are requested to rinse off under the shower before entering the pool.

H. No inflatable toys, mattresses, rafts or water guns allowed in the pool area.

I. No loud music or music that is offensive to others.

J. No pets are allowed in the pool area.


A. No horseplay or running in the pool area.

B. Diving is discouraged but is permitted at the deep end of the pool only.

C. No glass bottles or containers are allowed in the pool area.

D. Children wearing flotation devices must be closely supervised by parent(s) or an adult guardian.

E. No swimming alone. Adults and children must use the “Buddy” system at all times. When the pool is in use, there must always be at least two people present.


A. Members have the option of reserving the pool for special events and/or private pool parties. Reservations need to be made at least one week in advance with the Pool Manager.

B. The fee is $25 per hour with a two hour maximum and it is payable in advance. Sorry, no reservations will be accepted during the Memorial Day Weekend, the Fourth of July, or during the Labor Day weekend.

C. The member making the reservation must be in attendance at all times & is solely responsible for the actions and safety of all guests.

D. Members/guests who fail to adhere to the pool rules may result in the suspension of, or termination of, the pool privileges of the responsible member family or families.

E. Members reserving the pool are responsible for cleaning up the pool area including hauling off all garbage generated.