Valhalla Subdivision Revealed

Bothell Citizen, July 23, 1959, Vol. XLVIII #40



Council Asked for Sewers

“Valhalla” was partially unveiled for the Bothell Town Council last Monday night by Seattle Engineer Ruskin Fisher.

Fisher was seeking Council commitment of sewer service from the Town of Bothell for the proposed subdivision development of 200 acres above the Wayne Golf Course and to the west of Bothell-Kirkland Way.

The Town Council was told by Jim Malcolm, engineer that sewer service to the area was feasible and the body was unanimous in stating that the service hookup could be made providing the developers bore the cost of hookup to the present service under the prescribed methods set up by the Council.

Fisher, representing the firm of Parker & Sanwick Investments, Inc., stated that the immediate development of 103 lots was contemplated and eventual plans called for approximately 400 homes in “Valhalla.”  The minimum size lot in the 200-acre tract would be 9,600 sq. ft.  Average size would be 12,000 sq ft.

The tract is a view tract that overlooks the Wayne Golf Course and the Sammamish River.  Plans call for the erection of homes in the $25,000 to $40,000 class.

Included in the landscape design of the area is a dredged marina opening onto the Sammamish River, a community clubhouse and a swimming pool.

The proposal for sewer hook-up to the Bothell system was made first to the Bothell Planning Commission and officially to the Town Council for the first time last Monday evening.