Reserved for Custom Building

Seattle Times, July 30, 1961




…has the perfect setting for your distinctive new home.  Sloped to all of nature’s grandeur . . . water, sky and spectacular sunsets, spreading lawns and snow-capped mountains . . . Valhalla is a wonderland of architectural possibilities.  And it is open for your inspection.

Valhalla’s terraced streets and building sites have been imaginatively engineered to capture view, vary terrain, and preserve native trees.

See Valhalla today . . . Just west of
Bothell on the old Kirkland road

Overall Area Map

We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the hollowing firms who have helped make VALHALLA A REALITY, NOT A MYTH …

  • underground power – Fischbach and Moore
  • utilities – Botting Plumbing and Heating Co.
  • streets – Lake City Gravel and Material Co.
  • engineering – Horton Dennis and Assoc.
  • Home by Contemporary Builders, Inc.
  • Entry built by Lloyd E. Beck, Masonry Contractors

Valhalla Eagle

The Legend of Valhalla

In the pre-Christian mythology of tribes that inhabited northern Europe, particularly the Scandivavian countries, Valhalla was a paradise populated by gods and heroes.  The Norse were a fierce people by necessity and evidently enjoyed combat and feasting, much as their descendants enjoy sports [the civilized remnant of enjoyable battle] and celebrations.  Conceptions of Valhalla vary somewhat in the literature of various nationalities, but Odin is usually considered the highest god of the mythological system.  According to the myth, the gods and heroes marched out each day through 540 doors of Valhalla, 500 men abreast, to engage in physical combat.  They returned each night and all their wounds were healed.  They then feasted in Odin’s Hall, as the god Odin’s honored guests.  The symbol used here and at the entry to Valhalla is a replica of Odin’s War Helmet.

Lots from $6,000 . . . Homes from $32,500
A restricted Residential Community
Valhalla is open Sundays and Weekdays
Charles skripsey and other sales representatives will be your hosts.