Ingemar Will Visit Valhalla

Bothell Citizen, September 24, 1959, Vol. XLVIII #49



Ingemar Johansson, Swedish heavyweight champion of the world, will make a public appearance Sunday, Sept. 27, at Valhalla, a new area of home sites near Bothell; it has been announced by K. A. Sanwick, Jr. president of Valhalla, Inc.

Johansson will arrive at Seattle-Tacoma airport on Northwest Airlines flight at 9:35 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26.  He will leave Seattle at 10:35 Sunday night.

He will be presented the first deed to a Valhalla homesite, Sanwick said.

It will be the champion’s first appearance in the United States since he returned to Sweden after his title bout with Floyd Patterson.

The champion will be flown to Seattle from Stockholm.  Scandinavian Airlines will bring him to New York and he will be flown to Seattle with a stop in Detroit by Northwest Airlines.

Assisting Valhalla, Inc. with negotiations for Johansson’s appearance was Jack Ballard, northwest sales and service representative, and Arne Ewald, manager of Scandinavian sales in the northwest.
Ewald used a vacation trip to Oslo to carry Valhalla promotional material to Johansson and to make the invitation personally for Valhalla, Inc.

The receipt of a deed to a Valhalla homesite was suggested by Johansson.

Sanwick said today that Valhalla will be open to the public on Sunday, Sept. 27, so that as many Seattle-area people as possible may meet the champion.  Appropriate reception ceremonies are being planned.

Johansson’s Seattle visit will be the first of many public appearances he will make in the United States in the next few weeks, according to information forwarded to Valhalla, Inc. by Scandinavian Airlines.  He rearranged his schedule for the Seattle visit.

“We are extremely happy that Johansson was able to appear at Valhalla,” Sanwick said.  “He truly represents the heroic Viking spirit which is the theme of Valhalla.

“It is particularly appropriate that Johansson be presented a deed to a Valhalla homesite.  He is, after all, a successful contractor in Sweden.”

Man of the Hour

MAN OF THE HOUR – Grabbing the limelight, even away from the competitive Mr. “K”, is K. A. Sanwick, Jr., President of Valhalla, Inc., who has staged a promotion for the opening of an exclusive residential development that has never before been equaled in the history of the Pacific Northwest.  Bashfully he permits Sandra Baird, representing the Bothell Chamber of Commerce, to pin an orchid on his jacket. – Citizen Photo

International Assist

INTERNATIONAL ASSIST – Town Clerk Bill Caldwell was having troubles pinning on the Nordic bib provided by Valhalla to special guests for the Nordic feast officially opening Valhalla.  Quick to assist Mr. Caldwell were “Miss Sweden”, Maria Louisa Ekstrom, and “Miss Norway”, Jorunn Kristiansen.  The young ladies flew in from Hollywood to help celebrate the opening of the exclusive residential development. – Citizen Photo

Paintings on Exhibit

PAINTINGS ON EXHIBIT – Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lipetz of Kenmore and Bud Ericksen of Bothell view the paintings of Valhalla on display in the huge air-bubble house erected on the spot that will eventually house Odin Hall, the clubhouse for the new residential development. – Citizen Photo

Roasting the Pig

ROASTING THE PIG – Huge U of W football players, costumed as Vikings.  Hundreds of special guest enjoyed the Nordic feast. – Citizen Photo

Wandering Minstrels

WANDERINGMINSTRELS – In the tradition of the early Vikings, wandering Norse minstrel’s serenade outside the huge air bubble headquarter of Valhalla, erected to simulate ancient Odin Hall, which eventually will be the location of the Valhalla Clubhouse. – Citizen Photo